Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Turn your creative contens into
more opportunities to earn paid incentives

Become an EVERYDAZE Affiliate

Incentives: Earn $ Commission

Incentives: Earn $ Commission

A personalized affiliate link will be provided to you
to share on your platform. This will give an extra 10% off
on the products on their first purchase on
that is an exclusive discount for your community. Each
purchase processed from this link will be calculated for
affiliates’ commission of 3%. High performing affiliates
can earn as much as up to 5%.

Exposure: Content Features

Exposure: Content Features

Select partners will have their content featured on all
EVERYDAZE platforms whether social media channels
or e-commerce. Additionally, the marketing team will
review and reach out with potential paid advertisement
opportunities to increase exposure for the channel and
for the personalized affiliate link.

Gifts: Products

Affiliates will receive free products from EVERYDAZEto review and use for their creative contents to featuretheir personalized affiliate link.

Exclusives: Early Release & Events

Select affiliates will be provided with early access to newproducts before launch as well as special invites to events.

Gifts: Products

How to join

  1. 1. Please fill out the application within the link below.
  2. 2. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you’ll be officially invited by our team to become an EVERYDAZE affiliate.
  3. 3. Complete joining our affiliate on its platform to review and earn commission.
  4. 4. Create content and share recommendations featuring EVERYDAZE products that you love by using your personalized affiliate link and discount code for
*Above offers are only available for approved accounts through the application process and those within U.S. residency.