Better Tomorrow Project

Just as we aim to improve the daily lives of
our consumers and proudly receive their support, we want to strive to
reciprocate that encouragement by sharing and giving back to those in need of
some relief and assistance. Throughout the year (although periods and projects
may vary), we intend to commit time and effort to continuously research and
educate ourselves to better help others through giving back. By empowering and
reinforcing goodness as a society, we all can better manifest our desired
reality for a better tomorrow.


Let’s all help each other get better everyday.

As a small business that started in late 2019 (shortly before the pandemic), we were caught by surprise to have found ourselves in a fortunate state – in all honesty, meaning a financially safe place at this unprecedented time. As everyone in the world, we were full of anxiety and concern for health, financial stability, and the future of the business and our team members when New York first announced its lockdown. It felt like a miracle to see our products growing sales and actually gaining attention. Our brand and products were serving a purpose to our consumers as we believed so in the beginning. Our team is beyond grateful to have been in a place where our business actually kept up with its increasing sales trend and been on that uphill slope since.

The donations started small and without plan. We were incredibly lucky to have the connection to obtain face protection masks, sanitizers, and gloves. It was an obvious thing to do then to share and donate these much essential materials to those in need. We
want to stay educated and simultaneously show our support to great causes and

The following are organizations we have donated services, material goods, and/or financial support in the past.


The EDF is a nonprofit environmental advocacy group whose work is centered on stabilizing the climate by creating innovative ways to cut emissions.

Black Visions

A black-led community, organization centered on Queer and Trans people, whose vision is to uplift and transform their communities.

Feeding America

Largest domestic hunger-relief organization in US, bringing food to individuals with food insecurity through food banks and pantries.


Advocating for children’s rights in 190 countries. Providing safe and inclusive environment for all children for education, safety, social policy and help in crisis.

Meals of Wheels

Meals on Wheels America is a social program that seeks to transform the lives of seniors by providing meals, and companionship


Led on humanitarian values and centered on crisis aid. Aims to restore job opportunities, build critical infrastructure, and develop educational programs.


The largest animal rights advocacy group in the world, fighting for the rights of all animals.

American Humane

America’s first national humane organization committed to the safety and well-being of animals. Helping out in shelters, farms and conservatives.

Save the Children

Providing children in crisis-torn and underprivileged children a fair and health chance in life through advocacy for children’s rights and fighting against hunger and abuse.

American Red Cross

Disaster relief organization that responds to emergencies, providing vital supplies such as time, money and blood to countries in need.

Cedars Sinai

Non-profit hospital based in California with a multi-specialty academic health science center.

Center for Reproductive Rights

Global human rights organization with aim to ensure reproductive rights for equality, health, and well-being of all members in society.

Mount Sinai

One of the oldest and most reputable teaching hospitals in the United States. Based in New York City.

	North Star Health Collective

North Star Health Collective is in alliance with mainstream and anti-authoritative organizations to educate and produce safe and healthy events.