Collagen as a Consumable

Eat Your Collagen! And Here's Why

The Emergence of Consumable Collagen

With the rising trend of healthy consumables, beauty ingredients have found its way around to more than just cosmetics departments. Ingredients like collagen, the building block protein that’s known to help the growth of hair and nails is one of these ingredients. Collagen can be found in products all around the market for its miracle properties. As people are now not only applying collagen onto the face, but are finding ways to consume collagen for its benefits.

Collagen as a Consumable

Collagen can be found as a supplement, or even snacks. A good snack has to satisfy more than just taste buds, as well as a good supplement has to provide results. These days the expectation has been lifted. With the rise of collagen supplements and snacks, you can expect to see people looking for a benefit boost accompanied by their protein bar. Rightfully so, as people are more-picky on what ingredients are listed, they want to see the results as well.

Collagen as a Consumable

The benefits of collagen:

  • Youthful Look: Consuming collagen improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. The collagen constructs a network of cells called “fibroblasts”, where the skin layer renews itself to keep the skin plump, tight, and young.
  • Bone Density: Collagen makes up more than 90% of the organic matrix in the bones. As collagen production decreases, you’ll feel it in the bones. As collagen increase, it keeps the bones sturdy, making it less susceptible to injuries and fractures.
  • Joint Elasticity: Mobility is one of the things that deteriorates over time, especially within the joints. Collagen acts as an absorber of shock, and allows you to move freely. Collagen allows the body to stay flexible, and durable to support the body.

What you get out of collagen consumption, rather than collagen cosmetics is convenience. With everyone living in a crunch time mentality, why not just have collagen as a snack ready to go? The rise of beauty ingredients used in everyday products hasn’t slowed down yet, so I’m optimistic on what other beauty ingredients will be next!

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