Peach Jelly to Kill Your Sweet Craving

Peach Jelly to Kill Your Sweet Craving

If you are carefully watching your weight or religiously following keto diet regime, I am pretty sure you have heard or tried shirataki noodle. I was always wonder, how on earth, noodle can have practically non-existing carbohydrate. Before I was too excited about finding a miracle diet – wow, diet with noodle – I gave it a try and I am pretty sure you know the end of the story, it was an epic failure.

You know, I know, and we all know, it sucks. It gives subtle yet very unpleasant smell plus unfamiliar jelly texture on the top of it. Some friends of mine refers it to the “boiled Haribo-pasta.” Sadly, journey to find a healthy and tasty “substitution” never comes easy.

The “miracle” noodle is made with Konjac Yam – amorphophallus konjac in a scholastic term and devil’s tongue, voodoo lily or elephant yam in human language.

Actually, if you are familiar with Asian culture, you probably have tried them already– famously in Fish cake hotpot. It was always considered as an ornamental stuff to fill up the pot but when people found it has practically zero calories and can stay in your stomach for a considerable period of the time, it slowly took over the spot-light in the food industry.

Peach Jelly to Kill Your Sweet Craving

Konjac consists of indigestible polysaccharide (sugar chain) called glucomannan, water and other types of dietary fiber. The glucomannan is a well-known dietary fiber, and widely used as weight-loss pills since it stays in your stomach for long time and it is not digested by human body even if it is a sugar polymer.

So, Everydaze made this Konjac into the fruit flavored jelly. Essential C’s Konjac Jelly is a great low calories snack and especially useful for the short-term fasting since it fills up your stomach.

To further cut the carbs, Everydaze formulated its Jelly pouch with erythritol – a naturally driven zero calories sweetener. Plant derived phytocollagen and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) strengthens the nutritional value of this already amazing sweet snack substitute. It just smell like peach and most importantly, it doesn’t give any unfamiliarity from mismatch as noodle – I mean, we all have tried peach or other fruit jelly.

If you cannot skip the high-carb dessert or need to fast for the Instagram beach body (sadly, we are all living in the pandemic, I wish it were the real beach body, not the Instagram one), This Konjac jelly will be a great addition for your weight management plan.

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